Steamcream Review: All-In-One Moisturizer to the Rescue

Steamcream in silver tin container

A couple weeks ago I had a run-in with the Super Dry Skin Monster who had his way with the precious skin on my forehead.

I don’t know why that area seems to always be a target, but the monster did some major damage. It could be that my skin is sensitive to the new hairspray I used, and some of it hit my forehead as I was spraying my hair. It’s already bad enough that I’m getting older and my skin is changing. Regardless, the Super Dry Skin Monster attacks every once in awhile hairspray or not, and I’ll be damned if it comes back this winter!

Up until now I’ve been using the Edan Allure argan oil that I reviewed earlier this year, but since my skin seems to be changing by the week, I thought it was time to bring in bigger weapons to combat The Monster.

Enter Steamcream, a British/Japanese skincare brand that will be launching a U.S. site on October 21. It’s been receiving rave reviews and was the winner of the 2010 Beauty Insiders’ Choice Award for Best New Everyday Skincare Product.

So, what’s so special about Steamcream that made me take notice?

First off, Steamcream is an all-in-one moisturizer that can be used on my face, hands, and body. You see, I like to keep things simple. Contrary to popular belief about beauty bloggers, I’m not your typical beauty product junkie. The less bottles I have in the bathroom, the better for my sanity.

Steamcream is super lightweight, and between that and the herbal scent, I’m reminded of lemon meringue mousse pie for some reason. It penetrates quickly into the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long time. It makes my face look dewy and soft, even after applying mineral foundation for the daytime. After applying Steamcream at night, I wake up and my skin still feels moisturized – no rough, flaky skin like before. It feels so good applying it to the skin that I sometimes find myself applying too much!

Steamcream moisturizer in reusable container

Steamcream consistency is light like mousse

The concept behind Steamcream consists of creating a product that is made with high-quality, natural ingredients brought together by a shot of steam. Supposedly, this is what makes the cream so lightweight.

Another feature I like about Steamcream is that it is packaged into a reusable tin container. It might be time to retire the lipstick case I made awhile back and replace it with this round, silver container that I will probably decorate with paint and stickers. For those of you who like pretty containers, you can get your own Steamcream in one of the limited edition designs.

One of the perceived downsides of this moisturizer is that it contains parabens. Andrew Gerrie, the man behind the idea of Steamcream, addresses the use of parabens in his interview with Musings of a Muse. I’m somewhat on the fence about the use of parabens in beauty products. I’ll add it to my To Do list to do more research on this topic.

Another objection some people have about Steamcream is the price. I don’t have pricing for the U.S., but right now Steamcream is available for £12.95 on the UK site, which converts to about $20.71. It’s a little more than your typical drug store moisturizer, but I think it’s worth the investment considering you’re getting an all-in-one product with pretty packaging.

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