Hairstyles For Eyeglass Wearers

Eyeglasses from Fall 2013 runway shows

Wearing chic eyeglasses seems to be one way to make a fashion statement, especially oversized glasses, colored frames or vintage frames. What’s nice about eyewear is that you can create a fashionable new look with just a pair of glasses. Inspiration can be found from Badgley Mischka and DKNY, brands that have showcased glasses with their runway collections in the past.

Just like eyeglasses should complement your style and face shape, it’s also good to have a hairstyle that matches those frames too.  Here are a few hairstyle ideas to consider depending on the eyeglasses you wear and what shape your face is:

Anne Hathaway’s effortless eyeglasses look

Classic ponytail or French twist – You can’t really go wrong with this type of hairstyle as it pulls the hair out of your face, which brings attention to the eyeglasses. This hairstyle actually looks good with any style of frames you wear.

The classic ponytail goes with any eyeglass frame style. Click To Tweet

If you go with a classic ponytail, you can get that pretty librarian or sexy teacher look. *wink* Take cue from Anne Hathaway who looks effortlessly beautiful in a relaxed ponytail and large-framed glasses pictured here.

Layered look with volume – This type of hairstyle works in proportion with those large-framed eyeglasses that many people are wearing nowadays. What comes to mind is Farah Fawcett’s hairstyle from the 70’s. Hair stylists say that layered styles look good with round face shapes. A layered look also fits well with a triangular face shape, which softens a prominent jawline.

But then again, lately I have seen all types of hairstyles and face shapes wearing large frames, so in this case the trend seems to take precedence over any fashion or hairstyle “rules”.

Short bob – If you have a small face and wear small-framed eyeglasses, a short wispy look or bob hairstyle frames the face and features the glasses.  A bob hairstyle also looks cute with colorful frames.  If you have a round face, however, you might want to stay away from this type of haircut because it will make your face look even more round.

I personally think cat eye glasses or rectangular shaped frames look good with a bob hairstyle. I have long hair now, but when I had a bob back in the day, I felt sassy wearing my cat eye glasses.

Do you wear eyeglasses? What are your favorite hairstyles that make a fashion statement?

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