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Juil patent leather sandals

Although I live in Southern California, the land of flip flops and sandals, I usually stay away from the thong sandal variety. Call me weird, but I used to think that thong sandals and flip flops were the gateway to lazy fashion, meaning that you would soon be wearing baggy sweat pants and t-shirts on the regular. How that notion came to my mind, I don’t know.

That all has changed, though. I do wear my flip flops on the occasional pool day or around the house, and I recently scored a deal on a pair of cute leopard print thong sandals at Forever 21. Then I was introduced to Juil sandals, a company that carries different styles of sandals, including the lovely black patent thong sandals pictured above.

The technology behind Juil sandals are the copper dots that help balance the energy in your body and keep you grounded. All of our bodies are made of pure energy, and that energy is affected by the many toxins and free radicals that we come into contact with throughout the day. That’s why you feel so much calmer when you get out in nature, hug trees, touch flowers, or walk around barefoot on the beach or grass. Juil sandals are supposed to mimic that feeling of walking around barefoot. The Juil website talks about this idea of grounding in more detail.

And speaking of grounding, another way you can clear and ground your energy is to meditate in nature, which I like to do on regular basis. I picture a white light flowing through my body and cleansing the stagnant, blocked energies.

Anyhow, the “Hera” sandals that I have are very lightweight and made with vegan leather. Yoga enthusiasts will appreciate the colorful bag enclosed with the sandals that is specially made to carry a yoga mat.

Hera style sandals by Juil

I decided to test just how comfortable these sandals are by walking from my house to Starbucks, which is about a little over a mile away. After a couple hours of sitting at Starbucks doing some work on the computer, I then walked back home. I was pleasantly surprised that my feet did not hurt at all.

The nice thing about this style of sandals is that they can be worn with just about any outfit. We still have summer weather here in San Diego, plus I’m vacationing in the Philippines next month, so these sandals will be traveling with me!

Juil offers free shipping on all purchases, plus right now they’re having a sale to make room for new inventory. Visit:


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