How to Work Glamorous Feet in the Office

Glamorous Feet at Work

The workplace can be a tricky place to dress for; you need to strike up a balance between office glamour and 9-to-5 comfort, all while keeping to your company’s dress code of course. Whatever makes up your work wardrobe, don’t forget the finishing touch of a great pair of shoes. It’s said that you can tell a lot about a person by their footwear, and never have ‘first impressions’ been more important than in client meetings and on the shop floor! Read on for simple tips on how to work glamorous feet in the office without causing yourself discomfort:

Be modest with your heels

Heels may well be the epitome of female glamour, but they’re not always an appropriate choice – particularly in the work place. Not only can they present an intimidating business persona, but they can be painful, and even dangerous, when you’re on your feet all day. The key to business place chic is to look effortless and comfortable, so instead of picking out those patent black sky-scrapers, keep your office heel modest. Think a kitten or Cuban heel, which rarely go above a couple of inches or forget heels altogether and try a wedge instead (see below).

Lilly Pulitzer Kat Kitten Heel

Switch to a boot

You might have thought dull pumps or classic court shoes were your only real office choice, but a great pair of ankle boots can make a sensible alternative to your typical business footwear designs. Black Chelsea boots are big at the moment, providing a smart and practical shoe choice that will see you from day to night. With their elastic panel gusset, the great think about Chelsea boots is that you can slip them off under the desk when no one’s looking.

Black leather Chelsea boot

Black leather Chelsea boot from New Look

Embrace the wedge

If you want to enjoy the added height of a heel but feel they’re just aren’t suitable for your office, switch to a wedge shoe. Wedges are a brilliant way to enjoy a few extra inches without the ‘clip-clop’ and added trip dangers of heels. They provide a sturdier base for everyday comfort too and come in a whole host of styles that are great for business. This season look out for suede wedge court shoes, elegant peep-toe sandals and leather wedge trainers – for a more casual work look.

Tory Burch Sophie Wedge

Make a statement with your hosiery

Seamed stockings may come across ‘try hard’, but opting for unusual hosiery can be a great way to make an office fashion statement, drawing attention to your pins and those fab new shoes. Sophisticated patterned tights are a nice choice. Try a pair of black or navy tights with a subtle check, diamond or stripe effect. Dark coloured tights with complimenting dainty bows or heart details also provide a feminine twist on boring office legwear.

Don’t forget a pedicure

Getting your toes out in the office? If you enjoy wearing peep toes courts or strappy sandals, don’t forget the importance of a smart pedicure. As clients and colleagues mull over decisions they may well find their eyes drawn to the floor, and if they do see your naked feet you don’t want to distract them with dry skin, stained nails and unsightly cuticles!


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