What Does Your Wallet Say About You?

Coach Wristlet
The Coach wristlet, my current wallet 

I believe that you can tell a lot about a woman by her wallet and what she carries inside it. Is she a planner? Is she highly organized? A busy body? Does she like things simple?

The woman with a wallet that has slots for all her cards is generally organized. She wants to have easy access to each card and see it quickly when it’s time to pay. Everything has its place – dollar bills, receipts, frequent buyers cards, etc.  Most women do carry these types of wallets, so you have to look inside the wallet to get a sense of who that person really is.  Which brings us to…

The busy body, on the other hand, may have a wallet like the one who is highly organized, but it’s so full of stuff that she can’t even close it. She’s so busy that she just doesn’t have time to clean out her wallet. She also may be a borderline hoarder who likes to keep everything and anything – business cards, movie ticket stubs, or that frequent buyer card to a store that she knows she’ll probably never visit again, but has to keep it “just in case”.

Checkbook wallet from all-ett.com

As for me, I’m the minimalist wallet carrier who likes to keep things simple. My wallet of choice nowadays is actually a Coach wristlet that holds money and three cards: a debit card, my driver’s license, and a Starbucks gift card (which is actually being replaced by the Starbucks app soon).  The wristlet is for those times when I need to make a quick run to the grocery store.  It’s easy to carry as I grab the things I need, plus it can hold my cell phone too.

When I do carry regular wallets, I like the ones that are made of leather without a closure so that I can easily open and close it – like those sleek and simple checkbook wallets without the checks.

I have a couple big trips planned for later this year, so I’ve been on the hunt for travel wallets that can hold my passport, travel documents, and essentials.

What type of wallet carrier are you?


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