Review: DHC Eyeshadow Palette EX and Moisture Care Lipstick

DHC makeup

The summer season is a great time to let your sun-kissed beauty glow, and it’s nice to know that there is makeup that enhances that beauty while maintaining a very natural look. During the summer I like to keep my makeup light and natural-looking as possible, especially during the daytime, so DHC’s Eyeshadow Palette EX and Moisture Care Lipsticks are right up my alley.

A Little Background: With over 30 years of experience, DHC is a Japanese-based skincare company that has used olive oil as inspiration for their products. Many of their products contain olive oil and don’t contain unnecessary fragrances and coloring. I appreciate DHC’s core values, especially #6 that says, “True Beauty Takes Commitment”.

DHC Moisture Care Lipstick

It’s All About Moisture: DHC’s Moisture Care Lipstick glides on smooth just like lip gloss and keeps your lips moisturized for hours, even after the lipstick has come off. It feels like you’re wearing chapstick, so I tend to rub my lips together more often. I tried out “Pepperberry” (RD01) and “Clementine” (OR03), which give my lips a very natural summery, shimmer look.

I have to give props to DHC for their packaging. The metal has a high-end feel to it, plus I’m all about butterflies and flowers.

The eye shadow palette has a creamy beige primer that keeps the base of your eyelids very moisturized. Like the lipstick, the eye shadow itself is very lightweight and easy to apply. I tried out the “Blushing Dahlia” palette that adds just a hint of color to my eyes. Because my skin tone is a medium brown, the eyeshadow gives me a natural look.

DHC Eyeshadow Palette EX

Overall I’m very happy with DHC’s products. I like them so much that they have been my go-to makeup this summer.

I also have the Deep Cleansing Oil that I will review soon. I haven’t used it yet because I’m afraid the oil in it might make my eyelash extensions fall out. Once all the extensions have all grown out, I’ll start using it.

DHC not only offers makeup and skincare, but they have hair care, accessories, a men’s skincare line, and even food too. For more info, visit:


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