Natural Mole Removal versus Laser Mole Removal

Cindy Crawford

Moles can affect a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Many of us don’t have enough time on our hands to worry about a pesky mole, especially if it isn’t a health concern, but for some the inconvenience and annoyance of such a feature can be a bit overwhelming and they would like nothing more than for it to be gone. On the other hand, there are women who embrace their moles as a part of their natural beauty. For example, Cindy Crawford’s mole was part of her iconic beauty look.

Removing a mole that doesn’t have any concern in regards to health is generally looked at as a cosmetic choice and it is up to the individual if they would like it removed or not. If you do have a pesky mole you aren’t too fond of and would honestly just like to see it go, luckily there are a couple options available to you in regards to saying goodbye to your unwanted feature. There are natural mole removal treatments available as well as the laser mole removal. For some, the thought of lasering off something from their skin, especially if it is in a sensitive area like the face can be a little overbearing. On the flip side, many do not feel that a natural remedy or natural treatment could actually remove a mole. So what are the basic differences of the two?

Laser mole removal is exactly what it sounds like; the mole is burned off with a small hand held laser by a medical professional. It is usually a quick procedure but if the mole is larger or deeper than an average sized one then it may take a little longer. The treatment has also been painful for some. Because moles are not actually growths but in fact part of your skin, it may take more than one laser treatment to fully and entirely remove the mole.

Many natural mole removal remedies and treatments are painless and noninvasive which are both extremely appealing features to many. A natural mole remover may take longer than laser treatment but it does produce positive effects over time. There are specialized natural ingredients that target the root of the mole while pulling or drawing it out naturally and the final result should be smooth skin with zero scarring.

No matter what one’s reason may be for wanting to remove a mole, it is completely their decision. There are several treatments and options available to do so and it is important to research them all and to talk with your health care provider or a professional to determine what option is best for their specific circumstance.


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