Effects of Unhealthy Eating

Smashed Potato Pizza at Source San Francisco
Healthy food can taste good!

That big bowl of ice cream, double cheeseburger from McDonald’s, and bag of potato chips may taste so good now, but unhealthy eating habits can have detrimental effects on your body in the long run. I’m sure we’ve all heard this before, but it’s good to have that reminder every now and then.

My reminder came today in the form of a Facebook post that my friend, Stephanie Quilao, shared about the 17 foul ingredients in McDonald’s fries. I just had some of their fries this past weekend. Ugh.

By the way, if you want to know all about healthy eating, I recommend reading Stephanie’s blog, Noshtopia. She’s a big proponent of non-GMO foods and offers ideas for easy healthy meals. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I met up with Stephanie and we went to Source in San Francisco for dinner, which is a vegan and organic restaurant. I had the delicious “Smashed Potato” pizza.

Unhealthy eating not only can cause you to gain weight, but it affects:

Your mood – It can make you irritable. Here are 5 ways food can affect your mood.

Your skin’s health – For me, too much caffeine in my body causes my skin to get these little red bumps.

This past week I’ve had more soda, chips, and junk food than I’ve had in past couple years, and my body is feeling it big time.  I haven’t been exercising either.  Not only do I have more belly fat than usual, my energy has been low.

I’m making the commitment to get back to my healthy eating ways this month, so hopefully blogging about it will help me stay on track.


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