Blink Lash Boutique Review: True Eyelash Extensions Experts

Blink Lash Boutique

I used to envy women who had long, luscious eyelashes. I always thought they were more blessed in that department, but little did I know that many of these women were either wearing fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Yes, I was so naive to think that the eyelashes on models in mascara ads were natural!

I don’t know exactly how I became privy to this beauty “secret”, but when I started wearing false eyelashes, I was hooked. Then I was approached by Blink Eyelash Boutique here in San Diego to experience eyelash extensions. The result: Wow!

Blink is a team of beauty experts who specialize solely on eyelashes. That’s all they do, so when I say experts, I mean experts. The masterminds behind this beauty miracle venture are Janelle Koch, along with her business partner and fellow esthetician, Jen Pearson. You can tell that they’re passionate about what they do and creating a great experience for their clients, and their salon reflects it.

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This is what my lashes looked like before:

Natural Lashes

As the lashes are being applied, you’re lying down on a bed similar to the ones that are used when you get a massage. Small gel pads are applied right underneath each eye and you have to keep your eyes closed for about an hour or more.

Depending on what type of look you want will determine how many lashes are applied. I wanted a natural, yet noticeable look, so I was set to have 60 lashes per eye. Because I don’t have very many lashes to begin with (gosh darn Asian genes!), Jen ended up applying 50 lashes. Each extension is glued to your natural lash just millimeters from the base.

Here are my lashes with the extensions:

Eyelash Extensions

What I love about having eyelash extensions is that I don’t have to wear mascara, plus I’ve been skipping the eyeliner too. I wake up and my eyes look fabulous! You do have to be careful not to use an oil-based eye makeup remover, plus using an eyelash curler can cause the lashes to break off. They do have eye products available you can purchase that are eyelash friendly, though. Here are more eyelash do’s and don’ts.

What I realized after this experience is that my eyes are really sensitive, so they were bloodshot red for about 3 days after the lashes were applied. I’m thinking it must have been the fumes from the glue, and especially the gel pads because the bottoms of my eyes were more red than anything. They stung a little bit, but they didn’t itch. Precaution: If you want to try this out, request pads for sensitive eyes.

Other than that, I’m absolutely happy with how these eyelash extensions turned out. After 2 weeks a few lashes have come out, and that’s probably because my natural lashes are growing out. On average, the lashes are supposed to stay in from 2-6 weeks and you can go in to get touch ups. Blink Lash even offers a Membership Touch Ups for $59 per month.

There are 3 Blink Lash Boutique locations in San Diego. For more information, visit:


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