5 Vegetables For Amazingly Healthy Skin


I love vegetables. Maybe it’s from my Asian culture and all the different foods that contain vegetables. I also do remember watching Popeye as a kid and being convinced that eating spinach would give me muscles and make me strong. I don’t what it would take to persuade you to eat healthier, but is having beautiful, glowing skin reason enough?

Here are 5 vegetables to consider eating more of or adding to your diet for healthy skin:

Sweet Potato: Nutritionists at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) ranked the sweet potato number one in nutrition out of all vegetables. Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene (antioxidant) and Vitamin A, which helps the skin rebuild tissues.

Carrots: Another great source of beta-carotene. You can slice up baby carrots for a salad or have them as a mid-day snack.

Broccoli: High in antioxidants, including vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps with collagen reproduction, while vitamin E protects your skin cell membranes.

Cucumber: If you’ve ever been to the spa or watched episodes of the 80’s sitcom Three’s Company, you’ve seen women wearing slices of cucumbers over their eyes. That’s because cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties, not to mention it can help rehydrate the body and eliminate toxins. Here are more health benefits of cucumber.

Kale: Kale is a leafy, green vegetable that has recently gained popularity among healthy eating proponents. It’s loaded with minerals such as magnesium and calcium, plus it’s an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E. I love Starbucks’ Chicken & Greens Caesar Salad that contains kale.

What are your favorite vegetables to eat for healthy skin?


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