5 Pretty and Chic Wedding Jackets For the Bride

Wedding Jackets

Because I’ve been helping out my friend decide between wedding dresses and wedding fashion in general, you may have noticed I’ve been blogging alot about wedding topics lately. If you, too, are in search of the perfect wedding outfit, one idea I came up with is to wear a wedding jacket as an accessory.

What’s nice about wedding jackets is that you can take them on and off depending on your mood or the weather. For example, you could wear this long-sleeved lace jacket during the wedding, but afterwards at the reception while you’re moving around and dancing, you could take it off.

Long-sleeve lace wedding jacket

If you’re going to have a summer wedding outdoors at night, it can get a bit chilly, so a bolero wedding jacket is ideal to wear with your wedding dress if the dress doesn’t have sleeves. A bolero jacket is also good for a fall or winter wedding. It keeps you warm, yet it still looks stylish. This simple white jacket pictured below is simple, which is perfect because it doesn’t take away from the dress, especially if the dress has alot of details in it.

Long-sleeve bolero wedding jacket

On the other hand, if you’re dress is very simple, a short-sleeve jacket with lace detailing adds a little bit of interest to the dress. It’s pretty and elegant. You could also wear it again with a cute black and white outfit for a nice evening dinner or event.

Short-sleeve lace wedding jacket

Here’s another simple bolero wedding jacket that I absolutely love because of the high collar. It looks like a high fashion piece. I would even wear it with a regular outfit.

White satin wedding jacket

For a more unique wedding outfit, a cape-like shawl creates a very chic look. This is another piece that you could probably wear again with another outfit. I would wear it with a yellow or pink dress to someone else’s spring wedding or extravaganza.

White lace wedding shawl

For more inspiration for wedding dresses and outfits, read my past posts about wedding fashion.


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