Wedding Fashion: Buy What You Love


Wedding season is just around the corner, so I had thought about writing up an article about wedding fashion trends for 2013. However, the more I browsed through these photos on Glamour about the best wedding dress trends, I started to realize that there are no real “trends” in wedding fashion.

I’ve written enough articles and watched enough TV shows about wedding fashion to know that at the end of the day, there are tons of styles of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Most of these dresses are classic styles. “Old Hollywood” and “Romantic Lace” have always been in style and will always be in style.

One of my best friends is getting married this September, so her wedding planner gave her a bunch of magazines for ideas, including a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine from Fall 2006. 95% of the wedding dresses in the magazine can still be worn today. Here are a few that I like…

Anne Barge wedding dress

Even with wedding jewelry we tend to buy what we like versus buying something because it’s considered in style. Again, it’s a personal thing. I personally would pick jewelry that doesn’t take away too much from the dress. As a jewelry designer myself, I recommend unique or customized jewelry pieces. It’s exciting to wear something that was made just for you.

The most important piece of jewelry that should be the main focus is the engagement ring because that’s the one item you’ll be wearing forever. I love these diamond bridal sets, especially this halo princess cut bridal set…

Princess Cut Bridal Set

Your wedding day is a special time and what you wear should be just as special. Wear clothing and jewelry that you absolutely love because this is your day. When you think about it, how many women actually pay that much attention to what the trends are? I think it’s all about finding pieces that fits your personality and is comfortable.


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