My Casual Workday Outfits

I’m fortunate and very grateful to be able to have casual workdays everyday. I live by the wear-what-you-want dress code, so most days you’ll catch me wearing a casual dress or skirt and a loose top or t-shirt. It’s all about comfort for me. In fact, if I could, I’d gladly go without wearing a bra, but I’d like people to look at my face while they’re talking to me!

In the picture to the right I’m wearing a black v-neck tshirt that I bought for $2 at the outlet mall and a black and white striped skirt from Forever 21. The purse is by Badgley Mischka from Neiman Marcus.

For me, it’s rare to come across a t-shirt that not only looks pretty and feminine, but has a special message that not only serves as a reminder for you, but for everyone who you cross paths with that day. The t-shirt I’m wearing below has pretty artwork and says, “Love Who You Are“. It’s by Leelah ($49.95) and is available at

Unique t-shirt

Love Who You Are t-shirt

I’m also wearing my favorite pair of low-rise jeans by Empyre. I liken them to a pair of Levi’s I owned back in the day. They’re definitely jeans made for lounging.

My new favorite purse is this leathery soft Lucky Brand Abbey Road Bag that I specifically bought not only to carry my computer and notebook when I go to work at the coffee shop, but it’s going to be my summer travel handbag too. I seem to have a thing for cross body bags lately. I think I just like to have my hands free to chug my suitcase around in one hand while holding a coffee in the other.

Lucky Brand Abbey Road Bag

What do you like to wear on your casual workdays?


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