5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Makeup and Makeup Tools

Makeup organizing tips

As a beauty blogger I have amassed quite a collection of beauty products, makeup, and makeup tools. It used to be that I could fit all my makeup products in one carrying case, but it’s to the point now that I need to go through and organize everything plus get rid of products that are too old. As I browsed through Pinterest today, I came across so many makeup organization ideas…

I wish I had enough room in my bathroom to include acrylic drawers like the one pictured here. The idea for the makeup brush holders is genius!

Speaking of makeup brushes, I’ve learned that it’s important to clean your eye makeup tools on a regular basis. Here are some simple tips to maintain your makeup tools

You don’t have to buy expensive organizers to keep your makeup organized, though. You could use ceramic coffee mugs and simple little holders to keep everything in designated places.

I’ve seen many different versions of the magnetic makeup organizer over the past couple years. You could also use a fun frame as a border. My only thing with this project is that it could be a little time consuming to glue a magnet to each makeup product.

I personally like to keep makeup kits hidden away in baskets and cases. I like my Kaboodle makeup case. You could even use a tackle box too.

If bathroom counter space is an issue, using a spice rack to hold all your beauty products is a great idea, and easy to do too!

What other ways do you recommend to organize all of your beauty products and makeup tools?

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