What I Love Right Now: “Jasper” by butter LONDON

"Jasper" By BUTTER London

I’ve never been into yellow anything – until now. “Jasper” by butter LONDON ($15) has put me in a sunshine-y mood, and for once I’m looking forward to summer. Well, kind of looking forward to summer.

What I am definitely looking forward to, though, is using this mellow yellow color in a variety of easy nail art designs. So far I’ve done bright stripes and polka dots…

Polka Dot Nail Art

I used JORDANA’s Pop Art Nail Design in black for the polka dots…

Summer Nail Art

I read somewhere that you could use regular tape to create striped nail art, but the tape I used did not prevent some of the coral nail polish to leak. So the lines didn’t exactly come out very straight. I still like how it looks, though.

I thought the yellow polish would be streaky because other brands with matte colors that I’ve used in the past have been like that. I only used two coats for these nail looks and they turned out great!

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