What Does Your Favorite Perfume Say About You?

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I believe what Maya Angelou said about people forgetting what you said or did, but remembering how you made them feel. However, our five senses come into play as well, and what you wear can leave an impression on people too. It’s the visuals that capture our attention, and sometimes even our scent or perfume that makes people remember you. When they encounter that scent again, it reminds them of you.

I’ve been curious as to what my favorite perfumes say about me, so I turned to my trusty old pal, Google, and found this post by Lydia of Kiss and Make-Up that offered a little insight.

I gravitate towards oriental, fruity, citrus, and oceanic scents, which means that I’m a creative loner who is disciplined, organized, very spontaneous, claustrophobic, a team player, party animal, and a giggler. That pretty much describes me! Well, except that I’m no longer a party animal, but I was one back in my college days.

One of the first perfumes I owned back in high school and early 20’s was Exclamation, which was popularized by this memorable commercial and the catch phrase, “Make a statement…without saying a word!”

Once in a blue moon I’ll come across Exclamation in a perfume shop and it brings back so many memories. For whatever reason, an image of my teenage self wearing my favorite Esprit t-shirt and shorts come to mind when I smell Exclamation. I also think about those “party animal” days when I worked at Contempo Casuals/Wet Seal and carried a bottle of Exclamation in my purse to spritz on as I’m on my way to the bar or club after work. It is interesting how scents can leave almost eternal pictures and memories.

My mother’s signature perfume was Opium by Yves St. Laurent, which is considered an Oriental spicy scent. As a young girl, I considered Opium a “motherly” scent. I remember the bottle sitting on the dresser drawer along with her small collection of perfumes, but that was the one that stood out to me. Now that I have my own collection of perfumes, I wonder what scent my future children will remember me by?

It’s nice to know that sites like Fragrance Direct carry these old school perfumes. I’m amazed that perfumes like Exclamation and Opium are still around considering there are so many perfumes on the market these days.

What is your favorite perfume and what does it say about you?

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