Jane Fonda Doesn’t Consider Herself Beautiful

“…the energy that emanates from someone who owns who they are, shines from their eyes, and it affects the people watching them. I think that gives off an aura of youth, even though chronologically you’re not young.” –Jane Fonda

I don’t read People Magazine, nor do I really care about their list of “Most Beautiful People” (Why must we make everything into a contest?), but I happened upon a headline on Twitter about Jane Fonda, which brought me to this video where she talks about being beautiful, getting older, and the secret to staying young.

It’s crazy how time has flown because it just seems like yesterday when Jane Fonda was the workout guru, and now she’s 75 still looking fit and beautiful as ever.

I find it interesting that she doesn’t consider herself beautiful, but I think that’s because our society equates beauty with youth. However, I believe that as you get older and become more wise, you feel more grounded and start to own your beauty. You also feel more confident in who you are, and that energy manifests into beauty on the outside.


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