Have You Committed This Nail Polish No-No?

Rose and Aahs Pink Rose Ring
A pretty ring deserves pretty nails

“Ooohhh, I love your ring!”

You look down at your hands and say, “Thank you!” only to realize that your nails look absolutely hideous. The nail polish has started to chip, which doesn’t do justice for the gorgeous ring that you’re wearing.

Ladies, you have a moral obligation (ok, I’m being a bit dramatic…) to make sure your nails look beautiful if you’re going to wear pretty rings.

You don’t even have to go with fancy nail art. Something very simple like pale nails, which is one of the hot spring nail trends, or a single bold color will do the trick. If you like fancy nail art, but just don’t have the time, check out Incoco’s fun nail polish appliques.

During New York Fashion Week the Dannijo presentation featured bold, contemporary jewelry that was inspired by old Hollywood glam. Katie Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador, created the three simple nail looks below.

butter LONDON Yummy Mummy at Dannijo fall 2013
Yummy Mummy

butter LONDON La Moss

La Moss

butter LONDON La Moss with Saucy Jack

La Moss with a layer of Saucy Jack on top

If you’re a nail enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that there is a new magazine called Nail It! that provides nail art, celebrity styles, tips for nail health and wellness, the latest products, and how nails fit with your overall appearance.


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