Embellished Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?

Embellished Sunglasses
When I wrote about statement glasses being a trend for this spring, apparently I missed the memo that embellished sunglasses are a thing now too. Actually, I’m a little behind because I’m just now finding out that designers such as Marc Jacobs wowed fans with the crystal embellished sunglasses from his fall runway show and Anna dello Russo recently collaborated with H&M to offer sunglasses with gold alligators on them, among other creations.

Style Pantry shares quite a few interesting styles, which are just too out there for my taste, but I do admit they’re different and fun. I come from the “Less is More” fashion philosophy, but I understand that I shouldn’t take fashion so seriously. Every once in awhile you gotta be playful and fun, right?

If anything, I would create my own embellished sunglasses, but with small rhinestones and pearls so that they’re not too ostentatious. I like what Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere has done with the small pearl stickers on sunglasses.

Considering that cat eye sunglasses are always in fashion, you could probably go all out and decorate a pair with all kinds of embellishments and wear it year after year. It would make for a great conversation piece. Besides, you can always sell them later as a customized piece to a collector. People who love Chloe sunglasses would appreciate these…

CHLOE Designer Sunglasses

These Valentino sunglasses would look pretty with small, light pink rhinestones or tiny beads across the top. You’ll get a look that’s modern, but not too trendy.

VALENTINO Designer Sunglasses

This pair of Chanel sunglasses are not exactly what you would call embellished, but I still like them. They’re different, but not too different. Plus, I could wear them for a few years.

CHANEL Designer Sunglasses - Dark Havana

The sunglasses shown above are available at Focus Online.

Considering that bejeweled sunglasses could possibly be one of those fly-by-night trends, the practical side of me can’t seem to part with the Benjamins for a pair that I may only wear for a couple years, if that. But then again, so what if they do eventually go “out of style”? If you love something and wear it with confidence, that’s all that matters.

What do you think about the embellished sunglasses trend? Share your thoughts via comments below!


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