5 Must Try Yoga Poses

Yoga at Mekong River

Finding balance in this hectic world that we live in has been a challenge for many people, myself included. Finding time for yourself between work and family duties is a must if you want to stay sane.

Part of the “me” time includes plenty of rest and exercise. I would like to be more consistent with exercise, but my problem is that I tend to get bored too easily with exercise routines. I’ve tried different types of exercises including running, zumba, cross training, pilates, and yoga. Yoga is one thing I’d like to do more of because of all the different benefits.

I asked Elena Brower, Founder of Virayoga and author of Art Of Attention, to share her 5 favorite yoga poses…

1. Sitting meditation. For my family, teaching and relationships, to sit for at least 5 minutes a day is the most healing pose I can master.

2. Handstand, Ado Mukha Vrksasana. I’m always working on this and love it so much as a “reset” button on my body.

3. The “Ego Eradicator” meditation from Kundalini yoga involves arms up and out, breath of fire and feels like I’ve been cleared out each time I practice it.

4. Abdominal work. There are some core leg lifts that Yogi Bhajan designed for us that really help keep me grounded.

5. Shavasana. If I can take just a few minutes a day in this pose, my body feels better, brighter and more buoyant.

ShavasanaShavasana (Photo Credit: Greg Gebhardt on Flickr)

If you try any of these, I recommend #1 – even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day. A daily practice of meditation keeps you centered and you feel less “scatter brained” throughout the day.

By the way, Elena will be leading a complimentary community class, the Yellow Yoga Session, on Saturday, April 6, from 1:30-2:30 pm at the Hilton New York. Active wear brand Lolë is hosting the class, which is part of the 2013 Yoga Journal Conference. There is limited space, so arrive early!


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