What Women Want Men to Wear

What clothing do you wish your man would wear? What clothing turns you on? MensHealth.com surveyed 800 women to find out what a man should wear if he wanted his clothes torn off.

26% of women said that leather loafers are the type of shoes a man should wear often while 54% of women like faded vintage-style jeans. Dark, clean denim came in as the second choice (36%). 85% of respondents said that flat-front pants are hot while 64% said that pleated pants are NOT.

My personal opinion on this is that men should wear whatever reflects their personality and personal style – not dress according to a survey with a very small sample size. 800 women do not speak for all the women in the world. For all the men reading this, my advice is: Wear what you like. There is a woman out there who will like it too.

I like the advice given by one of the commenters on the article. It applies to women too!

“…most importantly…don’t forget to put on your swagger. The best dressed guy on the planet won’t get any attention from women if he doesn’t have a slight air of confidence…”

There is one thing I love to see on a man, and that is a nice dapper suit – the kind of suit that James Bond or Scott Disick from Keeping Up With the Kardashians would wear. I’m not talking about the kind of suit you would pick up at a department store. A custom-tailored suit offered by stores like Alfred Dunhill is the type of suit that makes my jaw drop. By the way, if you visit the Alfred Dunhill website, you should also check out their leather belts. Who knew there could be so many different designs for a man’s belt?

One of the items of clothing that I first notice about a man is his shoes. When I first met my fiance, the one thing that caught my eye was his shoes. This is one of the few areas where I tend to judge a man because I’m from the school of thought that believes you can tell a person’s personality from their shoes.  I like my guy to wear nice, clean athletic shoes often, but leather loafers are good if we’re going out for a nice dinner.

What type of clothing do you like to see men wear, ladies? Share your thoughts via comments below…

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