Love Day: Romantic Gifts For Him

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Love. It’s to be treasured and celebrated. Some celebrate love by spending quality time with each other while others celebrate love by giving gifts. I like to find balance by doing both. There’s nothing more precious than looking into your loved one’s eyes and seeing that love reflected back to you, but a gift can be an offering of love as well.

I typically refrain from doing those typical Valentine’s Day gift guides because, after all, do we really need more unnecessary clutter in our lives? However, this year I’ve opened my eyes to the realization that we do live in a physical world where material items can symbolize how much you care for the other person, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re giving a gift that you know the other person will truly love and appreciate, then why not? My fiance and I like to give each other gifts throughout the year because we believe that love and romance should be celebrated not just on Valentine’s Day, but on a regular basis.

That said, I’ve come up with a few gift ideas for that special guy in your life that you can give him now for Love Day…or later 🙂

Scents For Him
The special guy in my life prides himself on smelling good, and there are certain brands of cologne that he usually sticks with. When a male country singer puts out a scent, for whatever reason I think it would be musky and woodsy. However, my guy was pleasantly surprised with Tim McGraw’s Soul2Soul Vintage, which is a sweet scent, but yet very masculine and modern. Top notes include mandarin, ginger root, and lavender; heart notes are cardamom, orange flower, and cinnamon; base notes consist of cedar leaf, cashmeran, and tonka bean.

Another noteworthy scent that brought out the oohs and ahhs is Vince Camuto’s eau de toilette for men. It has a musky base blending woods, patchouli and vetiver, with hints of Italian bergamot, mandarin, and black pepper. Lavender, leather, and nutmeg finish off the mix, creating a sensual and attractive aura for the person wearing it.

Jewelry For Him
What’s nice about giving jewelry as a gift is the ever-lasting factor, plus it can be and passed down as heirlooms to your children or other relatives.

If you’re married to your special guy, perhaps a renewal of vows is in the works? In our culture, the wedding ring is one of the ultimate symbols of love. As someone who loves circles, I think of wedding rings as the “circle of love”. This collection of mens gold wedding rings is far removed from your average wedding rings.

The white gold Greek wedding band from TraxNYC caught my eye…

White gold Greek wedding band

Engagement rings are usually worn by women, but did you know that men engagement rings exist too? Perhaps men in America could find inspiration from guys in Argentina or Brazil and show their commitment by wearing engagement rings too. They’re just like a wedding band, except many of them have an array of diamonds like the one below…

Men's engagement ring

Gifts of Relaxation and Health
Many men spend a great deal of time working and providing for their families. Then there are men who just spend too much time on their work. I’m a believer in putting your health before work, though. Doesn’t that special man deserve a day of pampering and time to just let go and relax? I like to go to Groupon, Living Social, or to find deals on spa packages. Or why not set some money aside and treat the special guy to a weekend getaway for a little rest and relaxation?


DIY Gifts

Sometimes the most thoughtful and meaningful gift is the one that is made from the heart. A few years ago I gave my fiance a painting that he truly appreciates. It’s another one of those gifts that he could keep forever and hand down as a heirloom. A DIY gift can even be a scrapbook of photos of the both of you or an upcycled vintage toy. You could combine it with his favorite wine or snacks for a gift basket. You know the old saying, “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach!”

Do you have any romantic gift ideas to share?


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