Beauty Product Review: Eden Allure Argan Oil

Once you go Argan oil, you never go back to regular moisturizer for your face. Well, once in awhile I’ll use a cream at night when my skin is especially dry, but the Argan oil by Eden Allure has become my go-to for soft, healthy looking skin.

The only ingredient listed on the back of the bottle is fairly traded Argania Spinosa kernel oil (deodorized Argan oil), which is found exclusively in southwestern Morocco. The Eden Allure website breaks down the cosmetic and therapeutic properties of this “liquid gold”.

With Argan oil I’ve learned that a little goes a long way. I pump about a quarter size of the oil into my hand and dab it across my face, paying special attention to the areas that get real dry. One thing I like is that afterwards I just rub the oil onto my hands and there isn’t any residue. The oil keeps my face moisturized throughout the day, so the only time I have to reapply is after I wash my face at night.

Eden Allure also offers organic soap with lavender or grapefruit. You can win the soap bar with lavender as part of the Beauty Galore Giveaway!

Yes, there are many brands that offer Argan oil, but the reason why I like Eden Allure is that the company supports entrepreneurial women through I’ve also loaned money through Kiva, so it’s great to connect with like-minded companies.

Have you used Argan oil as a moisturizer for your face? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Share them via comments below!

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