San Francisco Winter Fashion Window Displays

Nordstrom Holiday Window Display
Nordstrom Window at San Francisco Center

Over the Christmas holiday I visited my family up in Northern California and spent a few days in San Francisco. I waited until last minute to do gift shopping, so I found myself in downtown San Francisco during one of the busiest weekends of the year. I tend to avoid crowds, but when you’re in your favorite city in California, it doesn’t make it so bad. Of course, I had to take pictures of window displays that caught my eye…

I can’t remember which store this is, but I just love the green and brown mix…

Winter Fashion Window

I always get a kick out of the eyelashes on the H&M mannequins…

H&M Winter Window Display

The colorful window at Kate Spade is very eye catching…

Kate Spade Winter Window Display

The UNIQLO store in San Francisco just opened up a couple months ago, which is exciting. I love their philosophy: Our clothes are made for all, going beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, and all other ways that define people. Our clothes are simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them in their own unique style.

Uniqlo Store in San Francisco

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