Plastic Surgery Trend and Erasing Judgments

I was browsing online today and stumbled upon an article talking about a trend in which companies are marketing plastic surgery abroad as part of a vacation package.

This is something I wouldn’t do myself, but I do find it interesting from a marketing standpoint. You could go on this “vacation” to another country where you get all the bells and whistles of an all-inclusive trip while recovering from your surgery. At the same time, you can prepare yourself mentally for the backlash you may receive from friends or loved ones…or the media if you’re a celebrity.

I have to say that it’s a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to just relax and chill after major surgery? If I was an owner of a company that offered this type of vacation package, I would probably throw in psychological therapy to help people feel even better about themselves.

I’m still trying to get over my friend’s confession that she got Botox, so I admit there are still some lingering issues I need to clear up within myself when it comes to this idea of cosmetic surgery. I’m here to promote natural beauty and offer tips on how you can enhance your beauty, BUT I’m working hard not to be judgmental towards women who feel that plastic surgery is a path they want to explore.

However, I do still believe that someone who opts to change his/her appearance has some deep issues that 1) they don’t want to admit or 2) are buried deep in their subconscious that they may not even be aware of. These issues could stem from early childhood that have been brushed away on the surface, but still remain in their soul. Or perhaps they didn’t have role models or parents who told them how beautiful they really are.

Whatever these issues are, I can’t be mad or criticize people for getting plastic surgery. It would be like judging people for being fat or skinny. This I have to remind myself.

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