Shopping Tip: Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet

If you ever find that you have absolutely nothing to wear because you haven’t done laundry in weeks or you have a roommate/sister/mother who likes to “borrow” clothing from you, instead of running to the mall and wasting money, why not raid your boyfriend’s closet?

Unfortunately, my boyfriend is 6’2” and likes to wear sizes XXL or XXXL, so the closest thing I can get to wearing his clothing is a t-shirt to sleep in…Some guys do find that sexy, so I’ll stick with that.

Some have said that this boyfriend fashion trend was started by Katie Holmes a few years ago, but I beg to differ. It’s been around for quite some time now and still continues today.  Back in the 90’s it was all about the baggy jeans, flannel shirts, and Doc Martens – that “grunge” look which was an everyday look for me. I was also known to sport a pair of men’s Cross Colours jeans back in the day.

Katie Holmes in baggy jeans
Katie Holmes’ boyfriend look from 2009

One item of clothing that I think will always be in style for women is the boyfriend jeans. Many women will tell you that they still own a pair of Levi jeans for men because they’re just more comfortable, especially if that pair was bought from a thrift store. Some brands have created boyfriend jeans specifically for women because it’s a “trend”, but I think I’d much prefer to buy real men’s jeans.

The other day I saw an article about boyfriend sweaters, which are actually just v-neck cardigan sweaters. I actually Googled “why they call them boyfriend sweaters”, and apparently I’m not the only one questioning this idea. I don’t think there are too many men that can pull off a cardigan sweater look. Just my opinion, but this type of sweater looks good only on women….and very tall men.

What are your thoughts about “boyfriend” fashion?


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