Review: South Coast Medspa, Sorrento Valley

Not too long ago I wrote about the things that affect your self esteem and I revealed that one of my personal issues is my armpits. I had been thinking about getting laser hair removal for some time, so I finally decided to try it out.

I visited South Coast MedSpa’s Sorrento Valley office, which is located just east of La Jolla right off the freeway in an executive building. I love the decor of their office and the receptionist is very nice.

Shortly after filling out the paperwork about my medical history, I was introduced to the physician’s assistant who conducted a short consultation before doing the procedure. The actual session lasted less than 5 minutes because she was just treating my armpits. If you’re going to have other parts of your body done, it might take longer.

If you’re not familiar with laser hair removal, what it does is target the hair follicles with highly concentrated light. It doesn’t remove the hair that’s already there as I originally thought, but it just stops new hair from growing.

They say you need about 4-6 sessions to experience complete hair removal. My first session was over a month ago, but I’ve already seen good results. I don’t have the razor bumps I used to have, and the little hair that has grown in is very thin and barely visible.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at South Coast Medspa, and would recommend them to anyone interested in any type of laser hair removal treatment. The experience and ambience is similar to going to the eye doctor or dentist, except that I didn’t have to wait long at all to be seen 🙂

What has been your experience with laser hair removal?


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