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Eyelash extensions
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There are many things we can do to enhance our beauty, and I have to say that flirty eyelashes do make a huge difference. I’ve loved my glue-on eyelashes just because I have very short, straight lashes. Today I have this guest post by Belinda Darling who shares her love for eyelash extensions…

As I approach the big 35 (Yes, 35 IS a big deal. It’s baby steps from here to 40), I have occasion to indulge in the ‘I’m older than God’ game. You know, ‘I have been driving for 18 years. When 18-year-olds were being born, I was driving a CAR! I am older than God!’, or ‘I’m 35. I could, conceivably, have a 23 year-old-child. And they could have a child of their own. I could be a grandmother! I’m older than God’.

The one I keep coming back to, though, is how long I’ve spent staring glumly at my own visage in the bathroom mirror, pining for a fairy with a surgical wand to sprinkle transformative beauty dust all over me. ‘If my hair was thicker, the rest of my life would fall into place.’ ‘If my cheekbones sat slightly higher on my face, I would not be apathetic and anxious’ And then there were the lashes.

The lashes I could fake. I could coat them in great gloopy layers of black liquid and create an intoxicating aura of feminine mystery. I could capture the heart of Stephen, the skateboarding lothario who was aware of me in the same way one is aware of snails on the footpath. He tried not to step on me, but that was as much thought as he gave me.

Unfortunately, mascara has its shortcomings. By the end of the day, I’d look like I’d been headbutted by a drag queen, with black smudges from here to eternity. If only lash extensions had been readily available back then, I would have saved every penny to fund their purchase.

Source: resistingadulthood.com via Whitney on Pinterest

Lash extensions provide all the glamour and allure synonymous with healthy long lashes, minus the mess and often middling results one gets with mascara. You can choose your own lash design- natural, long and flirty, thick and glossy. And here’s the thing. When you have great lashes, you don’t need to do much else to your face. Eyelashes alone can enhance your beauty exponentially.

Source: Uploaded by user via Whitney on Pinterest

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