DIY: Simple Upcycled Bangle Bracelets

Upcycled bangle bracelets

I know I promised this DIY post last week, but you know, life gets in the way and next thing you know days have flown by….I’ve been working on rewriting a new edition of a natural weight loss book which will be available on Kindle soon. So I’ve been focused on that.

Anyways, this is a project that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now – which has been the story of my life. So many ideas, but so little time!

I have all these old bangles that have lost their luster, but instead of throwing them away, I wanted to upcycle them. So I decided to do something simple by wrapping ribbon around them and using glue to hold the ribbon down to the bangle. I was going to add a little charm, but decided to do without.

My next DIY project is to make a computer sleeve for my netbook, which will be more of a challenge. Stay tuned!

Want another easy DIY upcycle idea? Here’s one for a lipstick case I did awhile back…


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