Best Thrift Store Find Ever

Not too long ago I went to the Goodwill with a friend not really expecting to find anything. Browsing through the racks and about to call it a day, I’m suddenly jolted into excited mode when my friend brings over a pair of black boots…

Tall, black boots were at the top of my shopping list for fall, but never in my wildest dreams would I expect to find them in a thrift store. What I had in mind was of the riding boot variety in genuine leather. I had been perusing online for a pair, but because I tend to have expensive taste when it comes to shoes, I was led to believe that I would be saving for awhile before I could own a pair of quality boots.
Au contraire!

I looked at the price…$19.99…and they were in my size! Double the happiness! Now my fall wardrobe is complete…Well, almost 🙂

What was your best thrift store find?


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