7 Items For Relaxing, Stylish, and Beautiful Holiday Travel

Beautiful, Stylish Travel Products

Holiday travel can get stressful, especially during this very busy season. I wanted to put together holiday travel essentials that not only will make travel easier and stylish, but takes into account your peace of mind. What’s the point of taking a trip if you can’t relax and enjoy it?

1) Aromafloria Travel Size Ocean Mineral Bath Salts ($2.99 at Ulta)- After a long day of travel, it’s just nice to take a nice, warm bath to relax and wash away all the craziness of the day.

2) Travalo Pure Refillable Atomizer ($10.99 at Walgreens) – quickly transfer your favorite perfume from a full-sized bottle into a travel-sized sprayer. It comes in a range of colors and TSA approved!

3) Diane von Furstenberg Rolling Duffel, 20″ Private Jet II Bowler (Sale $119.99 at Macy’s) – A simple, yet very stylish duffel bag; Comes with a 10-year warranty.

4) Hadaki’s Hanging Roll-Up Makeup Pod (~$24 at Amazon) – Keep your makeup and toiletries organized with interior vinyl pockets that also help protect against spills. I love that you have different colors and designs to choose from 🙂

5) Panasonic Precision Body Shaver (~$24 at Amazon) – Designed to be used without water, Panasonic’s new precision body shaver features a pivoting head and a tiny brush to get rid of the hairs in the blade. I love the compact design of this shaver, but I will say, though, that it’s mainly good for touch-ups when you’re on-the-go. I have somewhat course hair, so it doesn’t quite cut as close as I want.

6) Sephora instant nail polish remover ($9.50) – Change your polish quickly and easily with this travel-size polish remover – no cotton balls needed!

7) Khataland YoFoMat® foldable yoga mat ($37 at Amazon) – You’ll need to balance all that holiday eating with a little fitness. It’s also a great mat for meditation. Perfect for the traveler, it’s foldable and can easily be carried around in your handbags, backpacks, travel cases, etc.


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