5 Stylish Leather Jackets I Love Right Now

If there’s one item that can keep you cozy warm on a cold winter day, it’s a nice leather jacket. And when it comes to leather jackets, fortunately there are many styles to choose from this season. Here are 5 that I’m adding to the wish list…

1) The bomber jacket – Those of you who are old enough may remember the brand, Members Only, which created the famous jacket that everyone and their grandma wore. Well, the brand is alive and well in 2012. Exhibit A: The black funnel neck leather jacket below…

$249 // Bluefly.com

2) Vegan leather jacket – I love that there are options for those of us who prefer faux leather and want to save some cash. I like this jacket because it’s a classic, timeless style…

Sale $139 // RevolveClothing.com

3) Taupe leather jacket – This one I picked out is actually a man’s jacket, but I love the shade of taupe, and it’s a great cross between a bomber and biker jacket. Plus, it also has that “Members Only” look going on too…If I got it in small, I’m sure it would fit quite alright!

Men's Taupe Leather Jacket: Halle
£150.00 ($239.03) // Caine Leather Jackets For Men

4) Leather biker jacket – Gotta have at least one biker jacket in the closet! When I finally get that windfall of money I’ve been praying for, I’m definitely buying this one. I love the quilted sleeves and gold detailing.

$1,870 // RevolveClothing.com

5) The military jacket – I’m definitely a “Make Love, Not War” type of person, but there’s something about a military jacket that I love. I think it could be the buttons and the collar style. This Rachel Zoe military jacket caught my eye because it has a belt.

$895 // Farfetch.com


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