Willa Naturals For Girls: You’re Never Too Young to Take Care of Your Skin

Willa travel kit

Gather a group of women in their 30’s and 40’s and most likely the subject of skincare will come up. Sharing skincare tips, experiences, and product recommendations have been topics of conversations with my close friends, and as I get older I realize the importance of taking care of your skin on a daily basis.

If you’re a mom to a young girl, I think it’s important to stress skincare now and to buy your daughter products that support your mindset. Fortunately, there are products like Willa Skincare that are specifically made for young girls – and it was developed by a young entrepreneur too!

Willa Doss, along with her mother, Christy Prunier, came together to create Willa natural skincare products that aren’t too heavy, don’t irritate the skin, and don’t have strong fragrances. The products are also paraben and sulfate free, plus they are not tested on animals. They wanted to create a line that would get girls to change their behavior and focus on healthy skincare.

I’ve sampled the Clear Face Moisturizer, which is a very lightweight serum. It’s probably good for young girls whose skin is still very oily, but for someone my age, it’s just not a heavy enough moisturizer.

I also sampled the Foaming Face Wash, which I really like because my skin gets squeaky clean. My skin can get as oily as a teenager’s face, so this is perfect for me.

These two products are part of the travel kit ($14.00) which includes a 0.5 oz moisturizer and 1.7 fl. oz face wash. The makeup bag is big enough to hold all of my makeup when I go on trips. I also carry it in my purse everyday to hold all the essentials, including the Willa Smile Shine lip gloss, which I’ve been using lately instead of chapstick. Girls will love it because they can clip it to the outside of their purse or belt loop for easy access. I love it because it’s easy to put on and it gives my lips a nice, natural-looking shine.

Willa’s products are available at Target, Birchbox.com, JCREW Crewcuts stores, Henri Bendels on 5th Ave & 56th St NYC, and Clyde’s on Madison Ave. & 74th St NYC.

Shop for Willa Naturals via Drugstore.com below…


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