Why Designers and Celebrities Should Not Do Low End Handbag Collections

Jennifer Lopez handbags at Kohl's

Warning: Small rant ahead 🙂

It’s been awhile since I’ve been department store shopping, and I was curious to see what designers besides Vera Wang were being represented at Kohl’s. I had done a review of Vera Wang’s makeup for Kohl’s, but I haven’t seen the clothing or handbags.

To preface, I’ll just say that I’m somewhat of a handbag snob. I used to work in Nordstrom’s handbag department and have touched and handled some of the most exquisite handbags. I’ve seen quality handbags from price points $100 and up.

So when I go into Kohl’s handbag department and see these cheaply made handbags with Jennifer Lopez’s and Vera Wang’s name on them…I was just plain disappointed.

Some of these handbags from Jennifer Lopez’s collection were over $100 – handbags that were made with PVC and other cheap materials. I could go to KMart or the swap meet and buy no-name handbags that look and feel like these handbags for less than $30.

I just feel slightly insulted that whoever came up with the price points for the handbags at Kohl’s thinks that I would be willing to pay that much for a cheap-looking handbag. To top it off, the merchandising of the handbags was just hideous.

I will say, though, that there are a few designers who have done some really nice low-end handbag collections for Target.

I understand that designers and celebrities want to make their brand accessible to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy their stuff, but you can still do quality handbags at a lower cost.


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