Turn Summer Dresses Into Fall Outfits

While many of us are putting away or storing summer dresses, I still like to wear dresses during the fall and winter. I live in San Diego where we don’t freeze our butts off, so wearing summer dresses is still ok. However, for those cooler days, there are still ways that you can pull off those dresses like the ones offered by Nataya.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, fall is my favorite time of the year simply because we finally get to layer clothing. I love to wear cozy sweaters, jackets, stockings, and scarves. Oh, and boots! Can’t forget the boots.

The denim jacket has made a comeback for this fall, so you could wear it with just about any summer dress for an updated look. Actually, the denim jacket has been my go-to piece for the past several years. For example, you could take this vintage-inspired Nataya dress and wear it with a jean jacket and tall knee-high grey boots for the fall…

Turn a Summer Dress Into Fall

If vintage and titanic dresses are your style, Nataya dresses has a pretty good selection of unique and romantic-looking dresses. One of my favorite dresses from their website is this 1920’s style party dress. For fall I would wear this with a shrug sweater or a pashmina.

Sweet Dress For Fall

The Nataya wedding dresses are truly unique. Even though I’m not a bride or attending a wedding anytime soon, I would still wear this classic style dress below. I know it’s a light color, but I think I could still pull it off during the fall. I would wear it with a fitted beige blazer and nude pumps. You could even create an edgier look by wearing this dress with a military-style jacket which is one of the fall trends.

Summer Into Fall

Another way to create a fall look with floral summer dresses is to wear them with a dark colored cardigan sweater, trench coat, or a velvet blazer. Of course, finish off the look with a pair of boots and you’re good to go!

Summer Dresses Into Fall


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