Turn Instagram Photos Into Fashionable Gifts

Silver Photo Pendant

So who else is addicted to Instagram?

I have to admit that the Instagram app is one of the major reasons why I bought an iPhone in the first place. I love to take pictures and my trusty Blackberry was just not cutting it. I want to be able to take a picture, edit it right away, and post it to Twitter or Facebook. Besides, Instagram’s filters can make any picture look good instantly.

My friends and family members can always count on at least one holiday gift a year that consists of a picture taken by me. However, instead of pictures in a photobook, frame, or on a canvas, this year I think I’m going to step it up a notch and give more unique gifts.

Why let all those beautiful photos just sit in your computer or iPhone collecting dust? They’re meant to be shared and displayed for others to enjoy too!

I like the idea of photo engraved jewelry and photo pendants offered by photo-images.net just because they are classic gifts that can be kept for a very long time and even passed down as heirlooms. I know some people who would use a picture of a cat like the one shown above, but I’m more of a flower person myself.

If you’re a crafty, DIY person, then try making one of these Modge Podged photo pendants featured in the video below from Plaid Craft TV…

I predict that photo tote bags will be popular holiday gifts this year. The large jute bag below is available from YorkArtFusion on Etsy. The picture of the plant is something I would use if I designed a bag.

Source: etsy.com via Lilly on Pinterest

As a gag gift, I thought of giving my brother a t-shirt with a picture of me that says, “I love my sister!”

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