The One Thing You Should Do Before Bra Shopping

Polka Dot Bra

Ever since I’ve seen Oprah’s “Bra Intervention” episode, I’ve been conscious of the bras that I wear and buy. I’ve mentioned before that I used to wear bras that were too big, but I would also wear them too small or they just did not fit well at all.

Chances are, you’re one of the 80% of women who are wearing the wrong bra size.

Because it is breast cancer awareness month, I thought I’d dedicate a post to taking care of our breasts – and one of the ways that we can do that is to make sure to have adequate protection and support for “the twins”.

Sidenote: In no way am I suggesting that wearing a bra that is the wrong size is related to having breast cancer. I’m just saying that it’s important to have proper support for your breasts.

Before you go bra shopping, ladies, no matter what you do, get measured to see what your size is – especially if you’re shopping in a store like Nordstrom or Victoria’s Secret where there is a bra “specialist” who has a measuring tape handy. If you’d rather measure yourself, here’s a handy guide to measuring your bra size.

I have never really been enthusiastic about bra shopping. In fact, I used to keep bras for several years before I went bra shopping again. However, not too long ago I went underwear shopping with a friend who opened my eyes to a whole new world. Now I’m all about “Mission Sexy Underwear”.

I’m still a cheap-o when it comes to buying bras, though. On a recent trip to KMart, I discovered this cute black and white polka dot bra (pictured above) for $2.99. I also often shop at Ross to find good deals on bras. Here’s a great online shop that has cheap bras and offers sizes for just about everyone – all the way up to 40K!

Do you have any tips to share when shopping for bras?


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