Gemstone Jewelry: Not Just For Fashion

Songea yellow sapphire sterling silver ring

When I first started making jewelry, I chose beads and gemstones just for their colors and shapes, but as I learn more about the different types of stones, their metaphysical properties, and how they can be used to heal your body, making jewelry and shopping for jewelry has taken on a whole new meaning.

Everything we wear contains energy. If you understand color psychology and that colors give off certain types of energies, then it’s easy to grasp the idea that stones and crystals also contain powerful energies that can be beneficial for the body.

Using gemstones for therapy and healing has been around for thousands of years. Whatever issue or ailment you have – whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual – there is a stone or crystal that can help. For example, you can wear jasper for self-confidence. Feeling depressed? Wear citrine to promote happiness.

One gemstone in particular that has caught my attention recently is the sapphire. It is thought to bring light, peace, joy, and hope; plus it opens the mind toward beauty and intuitive understanding. The sapphire is also the stone of loyalty and fidelity, which is probably why blue sapphire rings have long been a tradition in royal families and Kate Middleton was given a blue sapphire as her engagement ring.

I personally have an interest in yellow sapphire because it is for people who want to be blessed with children and prosperity. I really like the Songea yellow sapphire sterling silver ring pictured above. Shop online here for more sapphire rings at Gems TV.

What are your thoughts about the metaphysical properties of gemstones? Do you believe stones can be used to heal the body?


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