Fall 2012 Fashion Inspiration: Menswear

This is a menswear inspired look that I love!

Up until recently I’ve spent most of my time browsing women’s fashion sites for wardrobe inspiration. Of course, most of these fashion sites talk about the latest fashion trends for women and what celebrities are wearing, which is fine, but I just want to expand your mind just a little bit today by offering some inspiration from menswear.

Finding fashion inspiration from men is nothing new. Yves St. Laurent did that back in the 70’s with the classic tuxedo suit, and many women have often found that wearing the “boyfriend jean” is much more fitting and comfortable than regular women’s jeans. Then there’s the iconic button-down shirt that’s a staple for all working women worldwide.

I’ve been reading that for this fall 2012, the menswear look for women is business and casual suits, but when has this never been a trend?

Back in my tomboy days, I practically lived in my Timberland boots or Doc Martens and baggy jeans during the fall. When I was in grade school I used to wear polo shirts, jeans, and dark brown Sperry Top-siders.

Budget-minded fashionistas can benefit from shopping in the men’s section because sometimes the men’s sales are just better than clothing sales for women. For example, I came across this nice checked shirt from Voi Jeans. You could wear it with a maxi skirt and a thin belt around it.

You-Nique: Menswear Inspiration

What are your thoughts about women wearing menswear? Do you often raid your man’s closet for something to wear?


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