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Have you ever tried using upholstery fabric for clothing or fashion accessories? How about using unexpected items in fashion?

I don’t consider myself a DIY fashionista – well, except for jewelry – but I recently just started following Jenni of I Spy DIY and Erica of P.S. I Made This on Instagram and Pinterest, which has spurred my inner crafty girl to get out the glue gun. We live in an era of throwaway fashion, so I appreciate people who use their creativity to reuse, reinvent, or find a cheaper way to recreate fashion that you see on the runways.

I love this idea from Erica of creating an envelope clutch using cut vinyl pieces glued on a canvas tool bag. She calls it the Celine-inspired bag…

If you don’t want to use vinyl, you could try any other type of fabric such as old clothing, small pieces of scraps that you can buy at fabric stores, vintage fabrics from thrift stores, or my favorite: furniture fabrics. I love this selection of upholstery fabrics online.

If you have some patience and sewing skills, you can try out this DIY computer sleeve or envelope clutch in the video below…

I love the design of the black and white fabric used. I’m bummed because I had these drapes I found at a thrift store in a similar design, but just gave them away recently when I went through a purging phase…(Note to self: Keep old fabrics from now on!)

So this week I’m challenging myself to create my own DIY project to share with you. Hmmm… What should I make? I currently have alot of ribbon and beads, so I’ll probably start there. Stay tuned later this week!

What are your favorite DIY fashion projects?


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