Classic Wedding Outfit Ideas

Wedding Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re the mother, sister, or friend of the couple, finding an outfit to wear to the wedding can be a challenge. You want to be glamorous, but not outdo the bride, plus you want something comfortable that won’t get in the way of having fun and dancing the night away at the reception!

Below are a few ideas to help you put together an outfit for a wedding. If you’re plus size, here are more ideas for wedding outfits.

Simple, But Dazzling

If you didn’t know, I’m all about practical dressing. A classic and simple dress with a little bling worn with heels is dressy enough for a wedding and can still be worn other times as well.

Feminine and Flowy

This type of dress gives you an air of grace and sophistication. It’s also very comfortable so you can focus and enjoy the wedding without worrying about constantly adjusting your dress or outfit. A feminine dress calls for a dainty shoulder bag or a pretty clutch and dressy heels to make the outfit complete. The dress shown below could be worn with a shawl if it gets slightly chilly.

All That Glitters

A dress with sequins or glitter adds a slight dressy element to an otherwise regular ole dress, which is perfect for a night wedding. For a night wedding you could wear it with a fitted blazer and patent heels.

When you don’t want to wear a dress…

For those days when you’re just not in the mood to wear a dress, you could wear a dressy skirt or slacks with a dressy top. The key word here is “dressy”. The reason I stress this is because I was going through old photos the other day and came across a picture of me at my cousin’s wedding. I was wearing a white cotton kimono top, plain beige slacks, and beige sandals that I bought from Aldo. It was a boring and totally forgettable outfit.

A wedding is the perfect time to get dressed up and be glamorous, but I can’t remember if I just couldn’t find anything to wear or was just not in the mood to shop. This was before online shopping was the thing to do, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have came up with a better outfit.

Do you have any other wedding outfit ideas to share?


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