3 Dramatic Makeup Looks to Try For Halloween

Source: bloom.com via Julie on Pinterest

If your beauty look is natural most of the year, sometimes you just want to try out something new and dramatic. I’ve been brainstorming ideas of what dramatic makeup look I’m going to try out. What better time to do this than Halloween?

If you want a truly dramatic look, you could probably try all three of these suggestions!

1. Wear colored contact lenses – Whether you’re dressing up as a ladybug, Superwoman, or a fairy, jazz up and enhance your look by wearing colored contact lenses. I love the idea of being a fairy and wearing a purple and pink outfit with dark purple eyeshadow and violet contact lenses. You can get lenses online or through your eye care professional.

2. Wing it – The winged eyeliner look is one of the big fall beauty trends, but it’s also a great look if you’re dressing up as a cat or butterfly. Add on fake long lashes to complete the look.

I found this video tutorial that I really like on YouTube that demonstrates an easy-to-do dramatic winged eyeliner look.

3. Glamour lips – Bling out your lips with Violent Lips temporary lip tattoo appliques. They offer a variety of colors, prints, and fun sparkles that look and feel smooth and glossy. I’ve seen them on several celebrities, but I think they’re just too much to wear on a daily basis. If I were to wear these lip tattoos, I would try the patterned pink hearts for Halloween…

I still haven’t figured out what I want to be for Halloween. Last year I didn’t dress up or do anything special, so this year I’m ready to have some fun! One idea that has come up is dressing up as a genie like in that old TV sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie. If I do dress up as a genie, I could definitely do the winged eyeliner look with violet colored contact lenses. Hmmm!


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