3 Cute, Timeless Jackets to Invest In

Jackie O, the classic beauty, was often seen in a trench coat…

Besides black boots, one of my favorite items to shop for during fall and winter is a nice, warm jacket. You’re probably wondering why someone who lives in sunny weather all year round would even think of jackets, but trust me, it does get a little chilly here in San Diego during the “winter”. Besides, I do travel up to Canada and San Francisco, so jackets are a must in these areas.

There are three types of jackets that I think every woman should invest in. They might be a bit pricey, but these are timeless pieces so you won’t have to buy them every year.

1) The Hooded Down Jacket – This is the casual jacket that will get you through cold, windy days and snowy blizzards. When I visited Canada early this year, the long, cream colored North Face jacket my brother gave me for Christmas was a saving grace.

I like this North Face jacket with the faux fur around the hood. You can find more Northface at Blackleaf

North Face Insulated Juneau Womens Jacket

2) The Wool Trench Coat – Whenever I think of a trench coat, the classic Burberry wool double-breasted trench coat immediately comes to mind. What I like about this style of jacket is that it looks really cute with a short dress, thick tights, and boots.

3) The Peacoat – This is about as cute and timeless as it gets. You can actually find peacoats in all price ranges, but expect to pay a little more for nice, wool coats. I like the look of this loosely styled peacoat by Lifetime Collective…

Which is your favorite style of jacket? My favorite out of the three would be the trench coat…


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