Who Cares Which Celebrity Had Rhinoplasty Abroad?

After sharing some thoughts about cosmetic surgery in one of my recent posts, I started browsing the internet and reading about celebrities who have had work done – those who have admitted that they’ve been under the knife, those who continue to hide the truth, those who garner alot of attention because people can’t seem to figure out if they have had surgery, and those who discretely go abroad for “vacation” in order to hide because they had rhinoplasty surgery. I even got to reading about the cost of rhinoplasty abroad and how more and more people are looking overseas for more affordable doctors.

Don’t you just love the internet? You read one article and a few clicks and a couple hours later, you’re not feeling very productive. Well, I can say that I am now very informed about celebrity plastic surgery…and I’ll never get those hours back. Why have we become so obsessed with whether or not Brandy, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, etc. got a nose job?!?

Ok, I admit I’m a little curious too, but after reading a bunch of threads on blogs, I discovered just how nasty and judgemental people can be – especially when they’re hiding behind a computer. I’m all for having healthy conversations about issues, but I’m tired of reading articles that focus on appearances only, especially when they’re about celebrities.

One could argue that talking about a celebrity’s rhinoplasty surgery is merely for entertainment purposes only, but why entertain ourselves at the expense of another? How would you feel if it was your name being plastered all over tabloid magazines and blogs…and not in a good way?

I could go on ranting, but now I have to stop and ask: What is the real issue here? Let’s get to the heart of why people feel the need to have cosmetic surgery. Even if we did know, does it matter? What can we do to empower every woman – whether or not they’ve had surgery – to embrace their real beauty?

I’d love to know what you think…


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