Tips For Effortless Looking Sexy Hair

Rita Hayworth's beautiful sexy hair

In a hairstyle rut? Need a quick way to bring a little sexy back to your life? Here are a few tips to create effortless looking sexy hair…

Give it a little tease – What’s sexy hair without a little teasing? The right way to tease your hair is to make sure to add a little texture with volumizing mousse, texture spray, or root lift. It’s also better to do it on a day when you don’t wash your hair because your hair will be too slick. When backcombing the hair, make short quick strokes until you have the right height and fullness you want.

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how to easily tease/backcomb your hair…

Use hair extensions – When I had really short hair, there were days that I wished for long hair so I could create that bombshell look. I’ve never worn extensions because I didn’t really know how they worked and for some reason I thought they would damage my hair. I later learned that it depends on how you got them put in. However, I do like the idea of using clip-in extensions that are real human hair. Check out these hair extensions london @ that offers a variety of products including real hair extensions so that your hair looks totally natural.

Jennifer Lopez is just one of many celebrities who sport extensions….

Put it in a deep side-part – The side part was very popular during the old Hollywood glamour days. Think Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe with their deep side parts. To create a nice, straight part, use the end of a rat-tail comb and guide the hair to either side of the comb with your free hand.

Create a sexy, messy updo – I personally like the effortless look of a messy updo. Here is a video tutorial for a curly messy side bun that’s perfect for a night on the town…

Have any sexy hair tips to add?


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