Timeless Jewelry

Icons of Heritage with Gucci

As a jewelry designer, I love and appreciate all types of jewelry. Although I do follow jewelry trends and believe that women should be creative and bold with their accessories, I also think that you should own a few timeless pieces – timeless, yet still unique. Sometimes you want your clothes to stand out more than your jewelry.

However, there are some types of jewelry that can stand out in a more subtle way. It’s the type of jewelry that draws people in and entices them to take a closer look. Besides, I think you look more polished, sophisticated, and ageless when you wear quality jewelry.

I love the designs from Hot Diamonds with sterling silver – especially these Diamond Hourglass Earrings because they look like a pair of 8’s (my favorite number) and the infinity symbol. I would wear the earrings with the Gucci outfit I put together above – a timeless outfit featuring timeless jewelry.

For everyday jewelry, I think you can never go wrong with simple diamonds. This pair of Hot Diamonds silver and Diamond Dahlia earrings can be worn with a work outfit or even a t-shirt and jeans. If I had an office to go to, I would wear the outfit below. The earrings don’t distract too much from the outfit and they bring a little sparkle to the face…

Sophisticated Chic

If you think this jewelry is just too boring and you want a little color, Hot Diamonds does have charm bracelets where you can choose from a variety of colorful, fun charms. For the holiday season, you could create a bracelet that includes this Christmas bauble charm for yourself or to give as a gift …

Hot Diamonds Silver Christmas Bauble Charm at John Greed Jewellery

What timeless pieces are included in your jewelry collection?


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