Messages Through Fashion

My father is a big Beatles fan, so my childhood is filled with memories that include Beatles songs. I didn’t think too much about the words they sang back then, but I loved the melodies…and their hair.

So when I saw this t-shirt with the lyrics of “Let it Be” printed on it at the local flea market for $1, there’s no way that I could not buy it. It’s been my favorite t-shirt to wear this summer.

I put it on this morning because I just wanted to wear something comfortable. It is Saturday, after all. I also put on a long, black maxi skirt by Sag Harbor that I bought at Macy’s back in ’99. I always throw it in the dryer and it has never faded or shrunk!

With a cup of coffee in hand, I enjoyed the morning, but memories of childhood started to fill my mind as I am in the home I grew up in. I’ll be here for a week dog-sitting while my dad, step-mom, and grandparents are taking a trip to Canada.

My typical Saturday :: Hair up in a bun, no makeup, and comfortable clothes

I started to think about my mom who passed away back in ’89, so it’s only fitting that I would wear this shirt with the message “Let it Be”. What a great reminder.


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