Jewelry Trends Fall/Winter 2012

Based on the the many runway looks for this fall and winter 2012, I conclude that just about anything goes, but there are a few stand-out jewelry trends worth mentioning…

Custom diamond jewelry – What’s winter without wearing a little “ice”? We’re not just talking about any type of jewelry with diamonds. This fall and winter it’s all about custom, personalized pieces that reflect your individual style. Who doesn’t like creating a custom necklace or bracelet where you can select the design, metal, gemstone, or the size and quality of diamond you want? I personally like these vintage style Anjolee bracelets

Chunky statement necklaces – From big, colorful flower pendants and chunky chains to chunky stones, it’s about bigger being better for the fall and winter season. You could wear these necklaces with a round-neck sweater for a casual look. You could also wear chunky necklaces with a blouse and blazer for work or a night on the town.

Chic and edgy black – Move over color, black has made its way back for fall and winter. Designers such as Versace, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Fendi, and Yves St. Laurent turned black leather as inspiration for their fall/winter 2012 collections. Think modern gothic or luxe glamour that reflects the tough, bold, and confident dragon within you.

Multi-colored crystals – Don’t put away Grandma’s treasure chest just yet. Bold, colorful jewels such as chandelier earrings, headbands, chokers, and brooches in dazzling gold, pearls, and crystals can be worn with plain t-shirts, tweed dresses, or that red-carpet look for holiday parties.

Regardless of what jewelry trends you incorporate into your wardrobe this fall and winter, it’s always good to have a few classic fine jewelry pieces when you just can’t figure out what to wear. A timeless, natural look is always in style!


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