A Dream Rekindled: Visual Merchandising

Chanel Fall Window DisplayChanel Window Display in Las Vegas

When the fall season comes, I often think about my days working at Contempo Casuals and Wet Seal as a store manager, and how I looked forward to working on the visual merchandising and window displays. I absolutely love the fall season and putting together cute layered outfits with boots, hats, scarves, and the whole nine.

I don’t know how it is now at Wet Seal, but back in the day they didn’t have a position dedicated solely to visual merchandising, so the managers had to take care of everything from moving fixtures around, changing sign holders retail and displays, and redressing mannequins in the windows. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but if I ever were to go back to working in retail, the only position I would take is one in visual merchandising. I used to dream of going to New York and being like Jack in that old Will & Grace episode where he gets the opportunity to put together a Barneys window display during the holidays.

A long time ago I went to FIDM here in San Diego to see if I could get into their program to become a visual merchandiser, but when I found out the tuition, I decided that maybe I would go a different route. After all, at the time I already had almost 10 years of experience in retail merchandising.

So it’s only natural that I would have a slight obsession with taking pictures of window displays whenever I go to shopping. Last fall I was in heaven oohing and ahhing over the Topshop in Chicago…

Topshop Chicago 2011

I can’t remember what store this is from, but I love the simplicity of this window display with the neutral colors and butterflies…

Fall Window Display

I would love to put together a colorful display like this in Anthropologie…

Anthropologie Display

Although I’m into blogging and writing now, I still do have that dream of being able to put together a few window displays every now and then just to be doing something different.

Do you have any favorite fall window displays?


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