The Sweet Touch of Vintage Wedding Fashion

Vintage inspired dresses

I still have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t appreciate vintage clothing. The vintage style sounds so sweet and many brands tend to produce styles with a vintage touch. The brand name of vintage inspired styles by Nataya is already known and appreciated by many vintage inspired indie, and alternative brides. Regardless of their casual styles or lifestyles, there are many women who love to wear something really whimsical and sophisticated.

Because designers typically find inspiration from the past, we’re familiar with vintage fashion. We also watch Old Hollywood movies, adore the silent movies, and we are fascinated with the roaring twenties and Prohibition. Thanks to James Cameron, we know exactly what the dresses of Titanic era looked like. That is why we look for reflections of the past in modern trends.

Perhaps you have heard of, or maybe you’re already a fan of vintage inspired brand of Nataya. If not, I must share with you this unique line. The dresses of the brand look so adorable and romantic…

Sweet vintage dresses

Many mothers of the brides or grooms, alternative brides and bridesmaids, vintage inspired brides of Australia, UK and Canada have chosen this brand as their main line for the bridal apparel and/or bridesmaids’ ones.

White vintage inspired dresses

This sweet brand is mostly known for the Titanic dresses. That’s why the brand keeps producing and inventing the new styles inspired with “la belle époque“. Nonetheless, sometimes ladies may find bridal or evening apparel inspired with other vintage eras as the Roaring twenties, the Prohibition era, the rockabilly forties, the glam 30’s, the Great Gatsby days and the jazz modern timelines. Even the elder ladies can’t help but to wear the really offbeat styles by Nataya as jazz or tango outfits.

Many of us often feel nostalgia about the past years even though we were not even born during these years. However, it’s nice to daydream and imagine ourselves the very Rose from Cameron’s Titanic, the very Greta Garbo, or the very Marlene Dietrich. These ladies always had very tempting and attracting personalities, and thanks to these ladies, the new era of silhouettes inspired with past fashion makes the fashion future. One of the biggest collections of all recent styles by Nataya is carried by The beautiful empire era styles by Nataya have won the fame of romantic fashion line. We may claim that the brand of Nataya dresses has already occupied its fashion niche and perhaps some day we will see another line with an intricate attribute “Nataya inspired line”. For more information and to shop, visit:


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